May 30, 2011

Mike and Erica's take on The Hangover Part II

The Wolfpack is back. Bangkok has them now & they are still wreaking havoc. We saw this movie at the Village 7 in the East Village. Nice theatre, we went at 4:30 on Friday so it wasn't too busy and it was an overall pleasant experience. How disappointing...

Mike: I really liked the first Hangover and it's one of a small number of films that I've gone to see at the theater twice.

Erica: I also enjoyed the first Hangover so I was looking forward to seeing the second one. Zach Galifianakis is always amusing and he was great as Alan in the first one, so I was looking forward to seeing what he had to offer here.

The good news about the second one is that it's pretty funny. Unfortunately, it's mostly the same jokes, and there are a few dragging dead spaces.

I disagree about the dragging dead spaces, I think there was always something going on to keep me entertained. I actually feel there was more in this one because movies in Vegas of this variety are far more common than Thailand.

Yeah, the location was really cool. There are plenty of movies set in Vegas, and even though the first Hangover had a very fresh take on it, it was really neat to see these guys in a totally different place. It was like giving them a new playground with lots of new, cool stuff to play with... but it was still mostly the same story and variations on the same joke. Which I guess is fine - I think that's what most people would want out of it.

That is what the people want, it's what made the first one so successful. The highlight of this film for me was Alan's toast at the family dinner in Thailand. Armed with note cards filled with fun facts about Thailand (which he pronounced 'thigh land') he made that scene one of the best in the film.

Yeah, I loved that part. What did you think of the infamous tattoo parlor scene? I found it to be a bit flat. Nothing against Nick Cassavettes, but it would have been so much funnier with Mel Gibson (who was originally supposed to play the part) or Liam Neeson (who filmed it but wasn't available for re-shoots). It would have been such a great part for Gibson. He played a character very similar to it in the Billy Crystal-Robin Williams comedy Fathers' Day (which I'm ashamed to admit I have seen part of, but he was funny in that bit). I think Gibson's great and he can be really funny (his recent tapes are an excellent example) and while watching I couldn't help but think how funny he would have been in the part instead of Cassavettes.

I actually saw that movie (Father's Day), don't remember it being that great. I thought that scene could have been a LOT better. Cassavettes was not the best choice for the cameo. The fiasco and all the buzz surrounding it was better than the scene itself.

It wasn't a great movie and it's really sad that you saw it. I caught a few minutes of it while flipping channels one night and happened to come upon the scene where Mel Gibson appears. Anyway, cameos can be distracting sometimes. But the tattoo scene really would have benefited from it, to make it seem that much more outrageous.

We're ragging on the movie a bit. While it's not that fresh (in my opinion at least) it was an awful lot of fun. And we've been quoting it all weekend.

We have. I say definitely see this movie. It is definitely worth it and you will not be disappointed. Any final thoughts?

There was not enough Murray Head. A chess game would have been cool, too.

It's worth noting that Mr. Chow's penis appears smaller in this one than in the first one. Did it shrink?

Well, that was our review of The Hangover Part 2 tattoo parlor scene, Ken Jeong's declining inchage, and Father's Day, since that is basically what this conversation was about. Don't mind the polarized Rotten Tomato score - go see it anyway.

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