June 29, 2011

Bad Teacher

We started our Saturday with the 10:30 AM showing of Bad Teacher at the AMC Loews 34th Street 14. We went into Theater 9 and we experienced an issue we have faced before: muffled sound on the commercials. It sounds like you are going deaf and everything is under water. We have experienced this sound issue in this room before, but thankfully it's only on the pre-show/commercials. Everything is okay once the trailers start. Maybe they should look into their sound system, because we just can't get enough of listening to Tom Hanks talk about his upcoming film Larry Crowne.

The crowd was being extra ghetto today, but that can be expected at the AMC Loews 34th Street 14. We went into the theatre, took our seats and once the commercials ended and the previews began (at a normal volume), the comments started flying. Everybody seemed to be hooting and hollering very loudly at the trailers. Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star....really people? Outside of not having very good taste in movies, the people in this room also had trouble behaving in a normal and considerate manner. As the movie began, a cell phone rang behind us and of course, not respecting any rules or having manners, the phone was answered and a conversation carried on as it were taking place at home on the couch.

Mike: Hollywood is wondering why admissions are down at theaters. They're thinking it might be 3D, DVD/home theater, higher ticket prices, the economy, crappier movies... those are all undoubtedly big factors, but I think the biggest reason, which is mostly being ignored, is that theaters have lost control of their audiences. Too many people nowadays don't know how to behave in public places, and as a result, a lot of people just don't think it's fun to go to the movies anymore. We go to the movies to relax and have fun or see something that interests us. Not to be annoyed and lose faith the in the general goodness of mankind. Hollywood needs to pressure theater owners to get their shit together and make moviegoing pleasant again.

But we really like seeing movies, so we keep going anyway. And Bad Teacher was one that we were really looking forward to. Despite all the hoo-haw at the 34th Street 14, the movie did not disappoint!

Erica: I was excited to see this film because I am a HUGE Jason Segel fan. I was delighted that this film was a mini Freaks and Geeks reunion. Not only does it feature Dave 'Gruber' Allen, it is directed by Jake Kasdan, who directed multiple episodes of the series, and we also saw Paul Feig in a brief cameo. Freaks and Geeks fanatics like me loved the nod to the amazing, short lived series.

I am not a big Cameron Diaz or Justin Timberlake fan but they both surprised me in the movie. They weren't their annoying, whiny selves. I went into this film thinking it was going to be a raunch fest.

Which it totally was. And it was pretty damn funny. But as raunchy as it was, there was nothing remotely as gross or disturbing as anything in Bridesmaids, which neither of us liked as much as this one. I normally don't care for Cameron Diaz, but she was really funny. It's a pretty nasty character, but Diaz dives in and delivers every line with full conviction and without shame. She's in nearly every frame of the film, front and center, and really pulls it off.

That said, not all of the gags are home runs, but the movie moved along fast enough that it didn't matter much. It's a quick 89 minutes - fun to go see at the movies or rent a few months from now.

We both enjoyed this film and I say you should definitely catch this movie but if you have lost all faith in the general public and would rather spend your time at home, rent it when it comes to DVD. It is definitely worth watching regardless of whether you like Diaz and Timberlake, they will surprise you in this film. Check your ghetto attitude at the door.

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