June 20, 2011

E-Walk vs Empire - 6/24

It's not the Battle of Endor, but the Battle of Times Square. Regal's E-Walk 13 is located directly across the street from AMC's Empire 25. Directly. I always thought it was an interesting sight to see. Within a few feet, there are 38 screens! While us New Yorkers are used to this, it must seem pretty crazy to tourists walking down 42nd Street. Two big multiplexes, right across the street from each other.

While Erica and I are pretty loyal to AMC, that's only because we refuse to pay full price. The E-Walk is a nice theater with some great screens and very comfortable seats. But they rarely get our business because they don't have matinee pricing (AMC's $6 pre-Noon tickets are tough to beat) and they have a $1.50 Manhattan surcharge on their bulk tickets. Nonetheless, we find it fascinating to look at which movies are playing at which theater. Because they never, ever play the same film.

Some weeks, when there are two major releases, the AMC will get one and the Regal will get the other. Other times, Regal will get both and AMC gets none. And vice versa. There are times when one theater will get the major releases week after week after week and the other is playing mostly old crap. Sorry, but I find that stuff fascinating.

I have no idea what process is in place and how it is decided who gets what. I can imagine some board room where a representative from each chain pleads their case and begs for this or that film. But that's not how it goes. If anyone knows, I'd love to find out how it works. I'm going to try to keep tabs on who gets what and keep you posted on the major releases. Keep in mind that the Empire has more screens, and that they play way more foreign/independent fare than the E-Walk.

Something else to keep in mind: AMC has the 34th Street 14 half a mile directly South of these theaters, and they play every major release. Which is why you can find Erica and I at that spot a lot, too.

So far this Summer, The Regal E-Walk 13 has gotten Super 8, Bridesmaids and The Hangover Part II, while AMC Empire 25 benefited from Fast Five, Kung Fu Panda II, X-Men, Pirates IV and Thor. This past weekend, Empire got both Mr. Popper's Penguins and Green Lantern, and the E-Walk got zilch.

Next week:

Empire goes 0-2 with both Cars 2 and Bad Teacher playing the E-Walk. After that, E-Walk scores big with Transformers 3 for the four-day 4th of July weekend. No word yet on which side of the street Larry Crowne will park his scooter that week.

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  1. Every movie theater are different there is an Regal E walk 13 screen theater playing different movie and there is an AMC Empire 25 playing different movie too? if I go two movie theater in 42nd street I don't mind to go to see a movie I saw those two monster size movie theater in 42nd Street and I said to my self I am a consumer of the AMC but just because the price to damn high doesn't mean to stop you for not going to AMC or Regal too .I go to movie on Sunday morning sometime Wednesday afternoon and finally after school and I believe I saw the hangover 2 in AMC before and I don't remember I saw a movie in AMC since 1999 but I did went to AMC in 1999 or Regal cinema.Now there are a lot of AMC in Manhattan including the 34th Street movie theater with 14 screens and the kips Bay with 15 screens too but you have to find a better movie that playing at AMC theater in Manhattan you never know these movie might come to AMC and Regal cinema faster than the other cinema like NYC including the 161 street concourse plaza cinema with 10 screen in the Bronx and that is why went back to AMC because of the closing of the parkchester movie theater owned by Bow tie cinemas on September 16,2013