July 21, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Smurfs Take the E-Walk

Next week is Smurfs Week in New York City, to promote the release of Sony Pictures' 7/29 release of The Smurfs, a brand new major motion picture starring Neil Patrick Harris. The events listing for Smurfs Week has revealed a major coup for Regal Cinemas: The Smurfs will play at their Times Square E-Walk theater, and not at the competing AMC Empire across the street.

The little blue creatures, no taller than three apples (which must make those mushrooms they live in World's Biggest Mushrooms) will be at theaters across the United States - including the Regal E-Walk 13 - on July 29. No word yet on whether there will be midnight shows for the preceding night.

Again: BREAKING NEWS... The Smurfs are at the E-Walk.

Plan accordingly.

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