July 10, 2011

The Curse of Lincoln Square (AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 part 2)

In the Lincoln Square 13 basement
Erica: Earlier I had mentioned that The AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 is cursed. Now, I will elaborate on why. It's a series of incidents, the first of which occurred last October. It's not really any complaint about the theater itself, but more about how we've just had a lot of bad luck at this place.

Incident 1: TRON night - a.k.a. The Bike Incident - October 2010

In anticipation of the December release of TRON Legacy, Disney organized a series of special screenings around the country where they promised to show some 3D IMAX scenes early. Mike being a big fan of the first TRON, he wanted to attend this opportunity to see some footage 2 months prior to the release of the film. He got two tickets, but they were of the get-in-line-early/no-admission-guaranteed variety. I got there at 3:30. Aside from the people in charge of the line not sure where the line was indeed to start, I lined up upstairs outside the IMAX theater where it was to take place. I was the sixth or seventh person there. Around 5 pm, we got an announcement that the line had started outside, so I of course had to argue my way back towards the front of the line with about 20 other patrons who were lined up by the IMAX theater with me. To resolve the situation, we were named 'The VIP Line' - which they made up so as not to anger the people on the outside line, and I guess it sounded good to them to call us VIPs. Anyway, we all got in, enjoyed the preview, got some worthless free crap from Disney, and after TRON Night we went outside to retrieve Mike's bike which was locked to the bike rack right outside the theater. (I took the Subway)

He unlocked his bike but there was just one minor problem: Somebody locked their bike to the same rack, right next to Mike's bike, and looped his chain around Mike's bike, too. So now Mike was stuck there waiting for the moron who locked their bike to his to finish enjoying their theater going experience. Alas, we waited about 30 minutes and nobody showed up. The theater couldn't offer any solutions (not that I thought they would but we were desperate) and the police refused to cut the lock so we were stuck there. We waited for hours.

Eventually I went home as I had to work early the next day. At around 10 pm, Mike couldn't take the cold anymore and caught another movie (Hereafter). After the movie was over, he went back outside and thankfully the idiot who locked up the bikes had taken off. I really wished I could have yelled at stupid bike owner to this day. It was a miserable, scary situation.

Incident 2: The Phillip Morris Incident

One movie I was really looking forward to last year was I Love You Phillip Morris, the Jim Carrey comedy which received a limited release in December 2010. So we trekked to the Loews Lincoln Square for the first show of the day, only to arrive and see the showing was canceled. Yup, canceled. They posted the schedule four days before, but on Saturday morning they realized that there wasn't enough time between the first and second showings, so they canceled the first. We were among a handful of pissed-off filmgoers.

I went to guest services to ask why we had been shut out of the morning screening time that day and in return got our money refunded for The King's Speech, which is what we opted to see instead. I didn't go there asking for a refund, just for an answer, I have noticed that the customer service in this theater is top notch as they always seem to know how to handle this type of situation. Which leads us to the third incident.

Incident 3: The TRON Incident - Part 2

The next incident that occurred was also TRON related (maybe the movie is sort of cursed as well). For this incident, we have to give major props to the theater staff at guest services again for helping us out. Because this was definitely our fault. As soon as tickets for TRON went on sale, Mike rode his bike to theater and bought two tickets for the first midnight IMAX showing. He was really excited and couldn't wait... This was weeks, if not months, before the movie came out. We had misplaced our tickets. Probably thrown them out on accident. The show sold out, so we couldn't buy new tickets. We gave up, but while at the theater a week or so beforehand, we thought, why not visit guest services and see if they can help us out? We just happened to be there to see something else and thought, what's to lose? So we went to talk to the manager, who reprinted us tickets for the showing. It wasn't an easy process for them, but they printed us tickets for the next showing and wrote a note on it, along with the manager's initials. How awesome is that? Try doing that at the 34th Street theater). 

So, after this, the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, we determined, was cursed. And that leads us to the 4th incident that I wanted to talk about and our next review...

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