August 28, 2011

30 Minutes or Less - AMC Clifton Commons 16

Mike: On Sunday, we were in New Jersey and caught another flick at the Clifton Commons AMC. Always a stress-free experience, which can't be said of the NYC theaters. The movie: 30 Minutes Or Less. We were planning on seeing it at 1:30 but were running late, so our Plan B was to see Fright Night at 1:55. We were still eating lunch at 1:35 and didn't get to the theater until 1:40, but we figured, with all the trailers, we might be just in time to still catch 30 Minutes Or Less. And we were right. We walked in probably about 12 minutes late only to still find the trailers going (and there were still a few more to come). So we made it with time to spare. I should note that we normally don't do this. We're pretty anal about getting the right seats (railings preferred) and always get to the theater early, but considering the situation - 2nd week of release for a bottom-half-of-the-top-10 film - we knew there would be plenty of good seats left and it wouldn't be a problem. And it wasn't.

30 Minutes Or Less is one of those movies that just exists. It's not good, but not terrible, either. Some parts are funny, but often the mark is missed. But it's a perfectly okay way to pass 85 minutes. Like a movie you pick to watch on an airplane. It serves a purpose, entertains you for a bit, and that's it. Totally unremarkable, and with zero expectations to meet, that's okay. You watch it, and life goes on without it having any impact on you whatsoever. It served its purpose, and nothing more and nothing less.

Erica: I was disappointed in this movie, I thought it would be funnier than it was. Jesse Eisenberg was not believable as a bank robbing pizza delivery boy. He should definitely have Oscar Nominee wiped away from his name for this movie. Danny McBride plays the same EXACT role in everything he does and it gets old fast. This movie is what it is and that is not great. Aziz Ansari is a funny comedian and his potential was not used to full capacity in this film. At least nobody texted during it.

I say wait until it comes onto DVD to catch this one. 

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