August 19, 2011

Beginners AMC Loews Village 7

 Erica: We saw this movie at the AMC Loews Village 7. This is a pretty nice movie theater. It has a lot of floors and is a bit confusing if you don't know where you are going. For only having 7 screens, it has a lot of floors. I arrived at the theater a few minutes before Mike did so I figured I would buy my ticket (being that this has been out for a while, I used a silver pass and got to see it for $6). This movie is Rated R (I think it is a soft R due to no nudity or violence of any kind). R ratings means nobody under 17 admitted without parent or guardian and of course, me being in my late 20s, got asked for ID. I thought they were joking but showed my ID anyway. I was too baffled to say no.

Mike: Along with Midnight in Paris, Beginners is a terrific Summer sleeper that's providing an alternative to the big budget Hollywood fare that plenty of people simply don't care for. It's nice to see something this charming and thoughtful in July or August.

 I agree. This movie is a breath of fresh air in a Summer filled with action movies. This indie gem is very well written, didn't contain anything blowing up and had 'regular' people telling the true story of director Mike Mills' life. It is a father-son story, it is a sweet film that is perfectly cast. Plus the dog is really cute. I highly recommend this movie to people who need a break from their Summer blockbusters and want a genuine, touching story.

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