August 03, 2011

Captain America (UA Court Street Stadium 12)

Erica: On Friday July 22nd, there were two rarities for us: Seeing a movie on opening night & going to a Regal. The outing this time? Captain America: The First Avenger. The Regal in question: the UA Court Street Stadium 12. We used a Fandango deal we had gotten from Groupon (2 tickets for $9). So $4.50 for a movie is very good in a city of $13 admission. Again, the theater was filled with people uninterested in the movie and more interested in their social networking. It was crowded and annoying on an opening night. So again we have people shelling out all this money to read their Twitter feed in the dark.

With the slew of superhero fare that has been shoved down our throats this Summer, I was wondering what would set Captain America apart from the rest. The answer: not much. It had the all too familiar origin story, the underdog weak, little guy getting rejected from the army time and time again for being too little. Chris Evans is a good 'All-American Boy Next Door' with his blond hair, blue eyed schoolboy charm and his 6 pack abs, but he doesn't take the superhero believability to the screen. I prefer the few minutes I saw of the cheezy 70s version to this updated film.

Mike, who appeared to enjoy this film better than me, will now take over from here.

Mike: Yeah, I enjoyed it a bit more than you did, but superhero and origin story fatigue are really starting to set in with me. Captain America is a cool character and it's pretty nifty to see a period superhero flick. But these films are really starting to turn into the Taco Bell of movie genres. Same ingredients, put together and packaged differently just slightly each time. I'm someone who gets really excited when learning more about The Avengers and all these upcoming superhero flicks, and while I'm not disappointed per se with these films, I do leave with a feeling of 'Wow, all this anticipation for that?' 

That said, it's a nice Summer film, worth admission for sure.
Court Street on a Friday night? Not a good idea. We live a few blocks away from this theater, but since there aren't any worthwhile matinee discounts (a la AMC) and we have yet to invest in a batch of discount passes, we've only been here a handful of times. But never on a Friday night. And that's something we won't be doing again. First of all, parts of the theater were powered down, presumably to avoid a power outage. This included the theater numbers, giving no indication of where to go. No guidance, either. We walked into the wrong room first. Nobody bothered printing out papers with the theater number and maybe the movie title and screening times and hanging those by the doors... Nope. While this isn't the Escheriest theater in New York (I think that honor belongs to the AMC Village 7), its stacked layout make it a pretty confusing place to make your way through.

But that was the least of our problems. Our showing had one of the worst moviegoing crowds we've ever been part of. Talking jokesters behind us, who felt the need to add witty comments throughout. Lots of guys in wifebeaters. To my left, a terrible parent with a toddler on his lap. He was probably tasked with taking care of his daughter for the evening and selfishly took her along to a movie he wanted to see. The girl didn't want to be there, but thankfully she slept most of the time. "Look! A spaceship," the dude said to her at the beginning, as if the kid might have an ounce of interest in the film. He was texting throughout, too. Sadly, I'm such a pussy that I didn't say anything and kept my pussy mouth shut in frustration for the entire running time. He wasn't the only texter - they were all over the theater, constantly, like fireflies on a warm Summer night.

Oh yeah, we saw it in 2D, as it was shot.

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