August 29, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens AMC Empire

Erica: With the Hurricane due to hit NYC, we did a double feature on Friday night (a rarity, but in this case a necessity). After work we headed to the AMC Empire and caught a 7:15 showing of Cowboys & Aliens. The crowd was fine because there wasn't much of a crowd being that this movie has been out for a couple of weeks already.

I didn't LOVE this movie but I didn't HATE it either. Thematically, it was a mess. It was all over the place. A lot of things were left unexplained. With that said, it was an interesting movie and a pretty good western with sci-fi action mixed in. I think Craig and Ford were good in their respective roles and found Olivia Wilde annoying. I totally want one of those bracelet things that Craig wears in the movie too. 

Mike: I'm not sure why, but I really, really liked Cowboys & Aliens. I can acknowledge all of its faults and it has some pretty big problems, particularly with the script, and the aliens were pretty stupid, too. But I loved the hell out of it. To me it was just so much fun and so cool. And Daniel Craig and particularly Harrison Ford were really cool. Maybe it's because of my weakness for modern westerns. I enjoyed the so much more than I was expecting and had a really good time at the movies. I can't really defend the film and I can see why others weren't crazy about it. But to me it felt like someone made a movie just for me and in my eyes the movie was awesome.

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