September 14, 2011

Red State-VOD

Mike: Unlike Erica, I'm not a Kevin Smith apologist. I was once a big fan of the guy, but have been hugely disappointed in his output after his first handful of films. He has a very devoted following and, Kool-Aid or not, they seem to be enjoying themselves in Smith's universe. I was expecting Red State to be another self-indulgent Smith suckfest. But it turned out to be pretty good. I was very much surprised, particularly by how well the film works on a bunch of different levels. It's not just a horror film or thriller. It's silly at times, and as usual Smith couldn't be stopped from casting his untalented spouse. And it looks and sounds really, really indie. Props to Smith for working on a budget and his unique way of releasing the film. But the film's strong performances, over-the-top (Michael Parks, Melissa Leo) or right on-target (John Goodman), as well as its food-for-thought ending made for an interesting viewing.

Erica: First off, I am NOT a Kevin Smith apologist. Clerks and Mallrats are two of my favorite movies. I really enjoyed this movie. Not only because we watched it from the comfort of my mother's living room via Video on Demand and didn't have to worry about anyone talking or texting but because I thought it was a genuinely good movie. Smith has been hyping this movie up for a very long time and I thought all the hype was not going to deliver but it did. It wasn't necessarily a subject matter I was instantly drawn to and it wasn't a typical Smith stoner-fest but it was gritty, violent, and kept me interested the entire time. Even my mother enjoyed it (I think it was a bit violent for her but we were talking about it way after it ended). So props to all involved in this indie gem.

Definitely check this movie out if you can, just be warned, it is a bit gory.

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