October 17, 2011

Contagion-AMC 34th Street 14

Erica: After watching 50/50, we decided to keep the diseases coming and went to see Contagion. There is a benefit to seeing movies after they have been out for a couple weeks, less people in the crowd to annoy you. We walked in during the previews so I didn't have a chance to see if anybody was texting. We made it in plenty of time to see my new favorite, silence your cell phone Muppets video. Anyway, onto the movie..

Mike: I really liked watching Contagion. Soderbergh is such a hit-or-miss director - while there's always something interesting about his films, they can turn out to be snoozes or complete misfires. Contagion seems like an attempt by Soderbergh to make somewhat of an Irwin Allen flick, only a bit smarter and tighter. I don't know if that was his intention, but if it was he definitely succeeded. With the necessary pseudo-intellectual blabber and tech/medical terminology peppered throughout to bring the hokey disaster genre up to date and make it seem plausible, Contagion delivers where a film like 2012 didn't. Whereas 2012 was fun and had plenty of thrills, it was a silly disaster flick to showcase eye-candy special effects. Stupid, but fun. With Contagion, it's realistic and current and convincing enough, but at the same time, the eye isn't off the ball: this is a movie with thrills and scares meant to entertain.

Contagion's who's-who cast of big names and familiar faces gives everyone their moment in the spotlight - except Gwyneth Paltrow who, as you'll know from the commercials, dies at the beginning. Some are a little too intense or hammy or seem to take themselves too seriously, but again, this is a disaster movie in the vein of Irwin Allen. You're supposed to sit there, have a good time, gasp here and there, and go 'Oh look, it's..."

I should warn that there are a number of pretty gross scenes, which I guess makes this a popcorn movie where you shouldn't eat popcorn.

I have to agree with the do not eat popcorn during this movie (or any food for that matter...) but I did not think this movie was that good. I did not feel the movie was original at all. Seeing these types of movies always make me feel sick when I leave. I don't feel well and with this one, I didn't want to touch anything on the subway or in the theater when I left. They try to inflict fear into the filmgoer, but with me, it inflicted a fear of a sequel...

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