November 22, 2011

Another Happy Day- City Cinemas Village East

Mike:  Another Happy Day needs no 3D glasses or scratch-and-sniff Odorama cards handed out when you enter the theater. But if there was one tchotchke or gimmicky thing to give viewers when they walk in, a bottle of vodka and razor blades would be fitting. The story is similar to Rachel Getting Married: Miserable family gets together for a wedding, where their combined misery explodes in chaos. Except the people in Another Happy Day are about ten times as F'ed up as anybody in Rachel Getting Married, and if there's a coming apocalypse it's even more apparent here than in this year's other wedding chaos flick, Melancholia. And here it's nearly every single character - I don't think anyone goes unscathed. In fact, I don't know why these characters keep living. At several points during the movie I felt like a mass suicide would be something that could be justified. Watching Another Happy Day made me feel better about myself and made me feel a bit normal.
As miserable as all these characters are, the movie is very funny and poignant. It's headlined by a powerful, honest Ellen Barkin in probably her best role to date, and she gets strong support from Ezra Miller, Thomas Haden Church, Kate Bosworth, Ellen Burstyn and Demi Moore. It was also great to see George Kennedy and Siobhan Fallon in a movie again. With its daring performances and a fascinating collection of characters, I think Another Happy Day is one of the best films of the year.

Erica: This theater is really nice inside. It wasn't always a movie theater, it opened in 1926 as a Yiddish Art Theater. It wasn't turned into its current incarnation until 1992. The structure is very pretty. You can read more about the theaters history on the official site. This movie, as Mike said, should give you a razor blade and a bottle of vodka on the way in. There is one huge theater in the Village East, Theater number 1, which is where this theater was playing. Maybe not the smartest choice to have multiple balconies and stairs in a movie as depressing as this one. Just saying...luckily nobody wanted to take a plunge during our showing. People were just there to watch this train wreck of a family come apart.

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