November 22, 2011

The Descendants- Lincoln Square

Mike: Just what we needed, another George Clooney movie that starts off with his calm voiceover. Except this time, it's directed by Alexander Payne and co-written by the skinny bald dean from Community. The Descendants offers more proof that Alexander Payne is a master. Clooney is solid as usual and is joined by a colorful cast of supporting characters. And the backdrop is an unglorified view of Hawaii.
We saw the movie at the AMC Loews in Lincoln Square - the cursed theater. And it struck again. A sold-out showing, Erica was trapped next to a sleeping geriatric who snored through much of the film. She escaped to the sole empty seat in the front row about 15 minutes into the film. The old man's wife kept nudging him to wake him up, but he couldn't help dozing off every few minutes.
The entire auditorium was filled with at least 75% senior citizens - I guess Clooney is their go-to guy for grown-up entertainment, plus this was the Upper West Side where there is no shortage of dressed up old folks. As we exited the theater, a long line of elderly UWSers was waiting to fill the auditorium for the next screening. I saw at least 40 Ruth Madoff look-a-likes.
There's something wrong with just about every type of film audience. We've discussed at length the rowdy, obnoxious types. 'Old people' is another category of troublesome audience. I love the elderly, dearly. They deserve our respect and we must absorb their wisdom whenever possible. But there's something about the movie theater that makes some of them lose their manners. Many haven't quite figured out their cell phones yet so you might hear more phones ringing than usual. That stuff doesn't bother me so much - who can blame them? They talk a bit more, perhaps unaware of the volume of their voice. Again, only an issue if it happens a lot. What does really bug me is that they're frequently grumpy, especially up here in NYC, with no shortage of bickering. They're pissed off about something and can be really rude. Some of them feel the need to sigh - their futile and extremely annoying method of expressing frustration and impatience. I can only hope that I will age more gracefully than the group of people I found myself in the midst of at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square.
Erica: The movie wasn't bad. I found myself being the only one in my row not crying at the end of the movie. I don't cry during movies, normally I don't mind if people cry except for this movie. We knew what was going to happen since minute one. I don't understand why people cried, the whole movie was leading up to a sad moment. Clooney was fine in the movie. I like Alexander Payne and think that the movie was well written and well acted. I am sure Clooney will get another Oscar nomination (even though not really deserved for this one). If you are an elderly person, this movie is perfect for you. You can swoon over Clooney and his dreamy eyes for two hours... Anyway, after I switched my seat due to the snoring drowning out the dialogue, the woman next to me in the front row kept getting up and leaving for 20-30 minute intervals at a time then came back to eat food out of small little packets (was it sugar or something? I don't know)...she kept staring at me when she came back like I was going to steal her ugly bright purple coat or something. Aaah the joys of the cursed theater.

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