November 14, 2011

The Guard- Village East

Mike: I was very excited to see The Guard, which I thought was from the same director as In Bruges, a film I absolutely adorded a few years back. I must have missed somewhere that it wasn't directed by Martin McDonagh, but his brother John Michael McDonagh. Talent must really run in their family because I found this to be easily one of the best films of 2011.

Brendan Gleeson's police sergeant, the main character in The Guard, is a fascinating, memorable and complex character who drives this retro-styled black comedy. Don Cheadle has a funny supporting part as the straight man to Gleeson's wacky character.

We pushed off seeing this film too long but thankfully it was still playing at the City Cinemas Village East, a nice theater just a block away from the Loews Village. The main theater is a huge balconied affair, but we were in one of the smaller rooms. I'm not crazy about the seats but there were plenty of seats with extra legroom. The Village East tends to give films more of a chance to build an audience, which is something I certainly appreciate. It gets really crowded on weekend nights, though. We don't go here often because there are no discounts - each ticket is $13.

Erica: It's true that the seats aren't the greatest in this theater but the crowd is pleasant as they pay full price to be there.  I LOVE British movies and this one was no exception. I often find black comedies enjoyable and this reminded me of another British cop film i LOVE Hot Fuzz . I thought Gleeson did a great job in the lead. It was funny, smart, and a must see movie. This movie is not for everyone though, you need to appreciate British humor to appreciate this fantastic movie.

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