November 11, 2011

I Melt With You- VOD

Erica: We have rented movies from VOD in the past, and usually it goes off without a hitch but this time was different. We have a Tivo so it works a bit differently from your DVR VOD. You rent the movie through Amazon. It started out fine but then as the movie was going, the screen kept freezing and pixelating but the audio kept going. So we stopped the movie and I called up Amazon. They were extremely nice and apologetic about it on the phone and credited my account and said to retry downloading the movie. So I did that and the representative I spoke to called back (as promised) to follow up and when I told him the problem still wasn't fixed, he credited my account again and gave me an additional $10 credit to purchase another movie (I didn't ask for that, but that was the right thing to do to keep customers).  

I Melt With You is pretty ambitious and hits some of the right notes, but it's 30 minutes too long. It's nice to see Rob Lowe in a regular dramatic not-made-for-TV role again - he's pretty good, as are Thomas Jane and Jeremy Piven. Christian McKay is pretty good as well but sticks out like a sore thumb. I guess that's part of the story, but it just seems so unlikely for him to be best friends with Lowe/Piven/Jane.

Which brings another aspect of the film that I didn't like - the party habits of the four main characters are pretty extreme, which make the characters less relatable and the whole thing a bit unlikely. Imagine a movie about douchy fratboy villains from college comedies, who continue to party and do drugs and be jerks 25 years later, and you'll be pretty close to I Melt With You. I'm sure there are plenty of people that party that hard, but it's pretty tough to instill depth into these ridiculously loud and obnoxious characters. Still, the film tries and accomplishes it to some degree. It's definitely worth watching, but I think it could have benefited from a shorter running time.

The movie was enjoyable but I have to agree with Mike about McKay. He seemed like the odd man out from the group. The movie is, like Mike said a bit too long and for men in their 40s, they should not even know where to GET that amount of drugs, nevertheless consume it. I have never watched Entourage but I imagine this is where they will be in ten years if they do a reunion movie (Jeremy Piven seems kinda douchy to me anyway). I felt the second half of the movie was better and far more interesting than the first half. The whole movie Mike and I were wondering if they were going to pull a Take Me Home Tonight by not playing the song of said title in the movie. Does the Modern English song make an appearance? Well you have to watch to find out.

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