November 21, 2011

J. Edgar- AMC Essex Green Dine-In Theater

Erica: OK our first experience at this theater was better cause it was earlier in the day, we basically had free reign of the theater and it was quiet due to the snowstorm but I am not saying this experience was bad. We were with a group of 6, the theater was full (the showing was sold out) and they brought me the wrong food. My weirdest experiences though occurred outside the theater. I got up to use the bathroom before the movie started and there were some ghetto people in there and the girl was saying how great her cleavage looked in her shirt so she wanted to tweet a photo but her phone was dead, so she proceeded to charge her phone in the BATHROOM! Really? Just take a picture when you get home...I am sure your cleavage will still be there then. Then I went to the bathroom again during the movie (I had a lot of water and it was a long movie) and this time I was in there with one other woman and her child. When I was walking back to the theater, there were cops outside the theater looking for this woman. Theater management said they saw her and her child go into the bathroom so I knew it wasn't me...I tried to stay outside to see what was going on without drawing attention to myself. She got taken away in handcuffs but I don't know what happened. So technically, I had 2 movies going on at once.

Mike: J. Edgar is a perfect movie to see in AMC's Cinema Suites. The movie is fairly long, so the comfortable reclining seat is perfect. Just don't drink too much, or you'll need to use the bathroom.

Clint Eastwood has become such a hit-or-miss director lately. While J. Edgar is a fine film, coming from Eastwood it's a bit of a miss. There's something missing - or maybe a few little things - that keeps it from being a really good Eastwood flick. The same was the case with The Changeling and Hereafter - decent, but off. Thankfully, it's way better than Invictus.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been hailed for his performance. While he brings a great deal of depth to the mysterious character, his boyish voice is a constant reminder that it's movie star DiCaprio behind the make-up.

With any biopic or historical film based on true events, I'm always aware of artistic license to fill in the blanks. There's no way to know what really happened. In J. Edgar, I admired the way in which his notorious habit of cross-dressing is presented and interpreted. We'll never know the truth, but this was a tasteful way of at least acknowledging the rumors.

I enjoyed the film. I have to agree with Mike about the boyish voice of DiCapro that kind of takes away from the character. Armie Hammer did a good job as Clyde Tolson. There are lots of standout performances in the film that I see garnering Oscar Buzz.  I appreciate that Eastwood did not dedicate a huge portion of the film to the cross dressing (just one short scene that seemed appropriate), especially since we do not know the truth about if it was indeed the truth. I love history so a movie like this is intriguing to me. I was the kid in school in social studies class (do they still call it that or am I dating myself?) who was always fascinated enough to pay attention and get good grades. Yeah I was the hated one in history class. I do recommend J. Edgar except for the fact that I think DiCaprio with the older J Edgar makeup looked so much like Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I couldn't get over it.

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