November 16, 2011

Jack and Jill- Clifton Commons 16

Truest tagline on a movie poster ever...


Mike: I'm embarrassed to say that I enjoyed this. Something about Adam Sandler talking like his Gap Girl character makes me laugh, even for 90 minutes. I usually enjoy Sandler's films to a degree but always leave disappointed. This movie is stupid and follows the Sandler formula to a 't'. Sandler plays a rich white guy? Check. His friends are in it? Check. His kids? Check. There's an over-emotional tie-up-all-loose-ends conclusion that makes you feel so awkward you want to slit your own throat? Check.

Erica: As expected, it's terrible, unfunny, and a waste of 90 minutes...and Al Pacino

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  1. One of the last lines by Al Pacino in the film is, “Burn this.” I agree. I don’t understand why Pacino and Sandler would ever be bothered doing this junk, but then again, both of their careers have sort of started to fade. Good review. Check out mine when you can.