November 09, 2011

Johnny English Reborn- Regal Court Street

Mike: I earned a free ticket from Regal so one night last week when Erica was busy I thought I'd walk down to the Regal/United Artists Court Street 12 here in Brooklyn and check out something that Erica wouldn't care to see. So I ended up watching Johnny English Reborn. I really don't know why - I hated the first one, for which I also can't give the reason why I saw it. Maybe because I like Rowan Atkinson? It was free, so all it cost me was my time and the embarrassment of saying "one for Johnny English, please."

There's not really much I can say about the movie. It exists. It was slightly more amusing than I remember the first one being, but that's saying very little. I chuckled a few times and cringed many times. 

The UA Court Street 12 is a twelve-floored labyrinth with revolving doors. People walk in and out of the auditoriums at will. They might have bought a ticket to Real Steel but make their way through half a dozen movies, sampling a little bit from each. They don't come here to watch a movie. They come here to hang out, walk around, and watch random scenes from films without actually watching one from beginning to end. Nobody stops them. Such is the Court Street 12 on weeknights.

Thankfully, the audiences that wandered in and out of Johnny English Reborn were pretty quiet and respectful. For the second half of the film I was the only person in the room.

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