November 08, 2011

Moneyball- AMC Essex Green

Erica: We decided to try an AMC Dine-In Theater so while in NJ, we visited the AMC Essex Green in West Orange. From the time we walked into the building it was a great experience. You can choose your own seat if you buy your tickets in advance (which I recommend to ensure it doesn't sell out.) Being that we had never been to one of these before, I chose Row B due to the ample leg room. Let me tell you, you walk in, you see giant plush leather seats that are really comfortable. You call the waiter, place your order and let the fun begin. The food is surprisingly good but the seats (which we found out recline) are an absolute amazing amenity to have for just a few extra dollars (if you see the matinee in NJ, it was still cheaper than a full price ticket in Manhattan). I think I could have watched any movie sitting in those seats, but we saw Moneyball. 

We went to this theater for the dining experience, not necessarily for the movie. If you do want to try a Dine-In Theater, please know that there are two types of dining theaters, The Fork and Screen which is a regular theater with seats for dining that is set up like a regular theater and the CinemaSuites (which is what we chose) which provides you the full dining experience with the whole theater filled with those luxurious leather recliners. It is very easy to fall asleep in those seats. The food is decent and they have a wide array of food choices and it is cooked to order which is the most surprising thing of all.

For what it was, Moneyball was a pretty good movie. I am not a fan of baseball nor do I understand the innerworkings of the sport and this gave me some good insight on what goes on behind the scenes. 

Mike: It's a pretty good movie with a tight screenplay and great acting by Brad Pitt, but not sure if all the Oscar talk is necessary. Its a good, solid movie that we recommend seeing.

I cannot wait to go back to the AMC Essex, an awesome theater going experience.

Check out the Dine-In Theater Experience here:

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