November 09, 2011

Real Steel- Regal Court Street

Erica: I love when Fandango had their super cheap movie ticket deals. The only downside is that we usually end up using them at the Regal Court Street. Ugh. The ghettotasticness continues tonight when we caught Real Steel. The audience were drifters from other movies who did not really seem to care who was in the movie or what it was about.

Mike:  I can't believe how much I enjoyed a movie about robot boxing. I was expecting something really lame but Real Steel is an enjoyable popcorn flick that delivers on what it promises. The concept is preposterous, but the way its built up and presented in Real Steel is well-done, with a rich backstory that, while not exactly plausible, at least convinces you to just go along with it. I had a lot of fun watching this - you really root for the characters and Hugh Jackman is funny and likeable. In fact, it might be good enough to forgive a handful of scenes that involve embarassingly stupid robot dancing.

The movie reminded me a lot of Over the Top, the similarly silly Sylvester Stallone father-son flick set in the arm-wrestling circuit.

I too was surprised as to much I actually liked this movie. The concept is stupid but once you get past it and see deep down it is a story of an absentee dad who is forced to take care of his son for a few months who inadvertently gets him involved in the world of robot boxing, you see there is a charming storyline in there somewhere. Hugh Jackman and action is pretty standard fare over the past few years so lots of action was to be expected. From a female perspective, the movie wasn't bad and for the record, if there was a robot dancing competition, I would be front and center.

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