November 08, 2011

The Rum Diary- Clifton Commons 16

Erica: Following up the experience of the Dine-In Theater was going to be difficult as expected but being that we cannot afford to keep going to the Essex Green, we found ourselves back at our Jersey staple, the Clifton Commons.

The seats may have disappointed but the movie did not.

Mike: As a big fan of both Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas and Where the Buffalo Roam (the movies, I haven't read any of the books) I was looking forward to The Rum Diary. I wasn't disappointed. While not as crazy as the aforementioned films, The Rum Diary has more of a plot and character development, as it's somewhat of a prequel that lays out the early development of Hunter S. Thompson's gonzo writing style and persona. Those looking for another movie to get stoned to and giggle along might be disappointed. The movie is funny and has plenty of surreal moments, but has its feet grounded in reality. Plus, rum only makes you drunk.
Depp's Fear & Loathing movie really struck a chord and helped grow HST's cult following. The Rum Diary seems like it will end up with a fate similar to that of Bill Murray's Where the Buffalo Roam - which had its fans but was mostly forgotten until a little over a decade ago after Fear & Loathing came out followed by a revived interest in Murray among younger generations. It probably won't have anywhere near the afterlife of retroactive admiration that Fear & Loathing did.

I LOVE Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I was looking forward to The Rum Diary but did not have high expectations because Fear and Loathing to me, was pretty much close to perfection. I was pleasantly surprised by The Rum Diary. There was no shortage of great acting performances and comedic moments but it also had a plot and somewhat charming story. 

I say definitely see the movie if you are  HST fan or a fan of Depp or both, but don't go into it thinking it is another Fear and Loathing.  

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