November 14, 2011

The Skin I Live In- Cobble Hill Cinemas

Mike: After my pleasant experience of seeing Anonymous at the Cobble Hill theater on Court Street in Brooklyn, I thought I'd go there on a Thursday night to see Pedro Almodovar's latest, The Skin I Live In. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, tickets are just seven bucks. This theater is a short walk from our apartment, which makes it a convenient alternative to the Brooklyn Zoo UA Court Street 12. Erica wasn't interested again, so I went solo.
It's nice to see a movie with a quiet, appreciative audience. Part of it comes from the audience, but the movie has to be compelling, too. Almodovar has delivered an engaging thriller, complete his trademark quirks and twists. It was refreshing to see Antonio Banderas giving a quality performance in a quality production again, and seeing him act in his native Spanish I was able to appreciate him a lot more than in any of his stateside films.

Erica: I just want to add that I post these and posting this poster creeped me out so I am glad I missed out.

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