November 21, 2011

Tower Heist-Clifton Commons 16

Erica: Despite the star-studded cast, I went into this film with low expectations, however this movie was far better than I thought it would be. I was entertained and to me, sometimes that is all it takes (with movies nowadays it is hard to find even that). There is finally a decent Brett Ratner movie in the world ( I mean come on he produced, the crapfest that was Catfish and a TV Movie about Nick Cannon) . I am not a fan of his, he seems like a pompous douche who is used to having star power and just not knowing what to do with it. He hits it on the head here with the all-star cast he was given. He made the whiny actors seem not as whiny (yes I am talking to you Ben Stiller and Matthew Broderick). 

Mike: I also can't stand Brett Ratner and dislike most of his movies. This one might be one of his most entertaining, and props must be given to Ratner for getting the goods out of Eddie Murphy, something we've witnessed just a few times over the last twenty years. The movie is a bit overpopulated with characters - Casey Affleck and Matthew Broderick are fine, but did we need both in the same movie? Even Murphy, the stand-out here, seems somewhat marginalized by his limited screentime.
It was great to see Robert Downey Sr cameo at the beginning of the film, something he's done for Ratner as well as Paul Thomas Anderson. I don't quite see the connection between the two - they're friends, but there is no trace in anything Ratner has ever done of anything Downey accomplished or built to in his career. It's nice to see him on the big screen, but I'd rather he pop up in PT Anderson films.
Tower Heist is a fun timewaster with plenty of thrills and laughs, but don't expect anything more than that. Recommended.

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