November 23, 2011

Tyrannosaur- Angelika

Mike: While I've seen movies in which Paddy Considine is pretty funny, in recent print interviews and their accompanying photographs the guy seems as serious as a heart attack. So is his directorial debut Tyrannosaur, a dark, depressing tale of a man and a woman who come together when they have nobody and nothing else. The film is really bleak, but Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman deliver such strong performances that you somehow manage to find some hope for their messed-up, seemingly hopeless characters.
We saw Tyrannosaur at the Angelika on Houston St. I don't care for their seats and you can often hear the subway below you, but they show independent and foreign films that often don't show elsewhere. The seats and trains didn't really bother me while watching this film. Instead, I was bothered by a grey-haired gentleman sitting a few rows behind me who couldn't stop talking to his female companion for the duration of the film. He just kept going on and on. There were maybe six or eight of us in the theater on this Sunday afternoon showing. Nobody shushed or said a thing.
In the film, Peter Mullan's character is tested by his neighbor who abuses his son and has an angry dog that he's ready to sic on anyone who messes with him. Mullan plays an angry guy with serious rage issues, but at one point he realizes that he needs to control his anger, even though he really wants to go over and beat that dog once and for all. But he doesn't, and it's very tough for him to just sit there while he has to listen to the dog barking and the kid getting beat up. It kind of paralleled my own situation - I was just sitting there, but I'm a non-confrontational guy. A pussy when you get down to it. While I looked back a few times to kind of indicate that his talking was bothering me, I really wanted to tell the guy to stop talking. "Could you please stop talking? You're in a movie theater." I wasn't intimidated by him at all - he was older and I was at least half a foot taller, definitely stronger... I could have easily said something, but nope, that's not me. I'm a confrontation-fearing pussycat. I sit there and grin and bear it like I always do, wishing I had the guts and self-confidence to just tell people to stop talking, texting, or whatever else they're doing that they shouldn't be doing in a movie theater.

Erica: I really enjoyed this movie. We saw this and Another Happy Day in the same day so it was not the cheeriest days of moviegoing for us. Considine did a great job in his directorial debut. Like Mike, I related to the character. Sometimes you just want to scream and let loose on someone in a situation and you just end up sitting back and doing nothing. I enjoyed the character Mullan played and think he did it amazingly. I would be afraid to confront him on the street, that's how good his acting was. Considine, who is most familiar to me from playing one of the Andy's in Hot Fuzz, also wrote the screenplay which was extremely well written. I am sure it will be overlooked by the Academy but I hope it gets a nomination for at least something (screenplay maybe?). I say definitely check out this movie if there is a theater near you playing it.

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