November 21, 2011

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D- Clearview Port Washington

Erica:I saw the first two of these movies because I am a Neil Patrick Harris fan. I saw the third one for the same reason. It was also nice to start getting into the holiday spirit a bit early this year. I feel this was by far the best in the Harold and Kumar series of movies. Normally a movie about two stoners craving a hamburger doesn't call out to me "I must see this immediately". I watched the first two movies only recently and am all for any movie with NPH so I was excited to see him in 3D. This was actually funny in a stupid way and not just stupid. Neil Patrick Harris was a delight and always shines when he gets to perform musical numbers. The 3D was perfectly executed cheap tricks that you would expect in a movie like this and my mom tagged along and even laughed a few times. 

Mike: The third Harold & Kumar flick is even funnier than the first two. All three films are silly but the third time around, they've gotten even more extravagant with their countless gags. At times I can't help but feel like a moron for laughing at some of the stuff that happens on screen. Thomas Lennon joins in for much of the fun, Neil Patrick Harris gets even more screentime, and a few more funny cameos are peppered throughout. Unfortunately the film drags a bit in the middle, but I think that was a problem with the first two as well. The laughs aren't non-stop, but pretty close. 

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