December 29, 2011

2011 Year in Review - Erica's Introduction

Erica: For me, summing up the year 2011 in movies is disappointed. Sure there were the standouts I was expecting (The Muppets) and those that surprised me (The Artist) but a lot of movies I watched, I thought, this movie is alright or this movie is just awful. I had a harder time finding my top 10 standout movies of the year yet found myself having lots of titles on the worst list. The year wasn't a total washout, but it was disappointing nonetheless. To me, a category like Best Picture at the Academy Awards is a no-brainer, what I am unsure of is why a movie like Bridesmaids is getting any sort of nominations. The Academy has their work cut out for them this year, but I know what should be on their lists.

I honestly do not remember when I began a Best and Worst list but I am posting my list from last year below.

This year, I found it harder to rank the movies from 1 to 10, so as of right now, they are just written under Best and Worst, unnumbered because it is very hard for me to make a decision. I have been looking forward to The Muppets since it was announced but did I like Hugo better? Yes and No. The reason behind that answer is that I knew I was going to love The Muppets, I didn't know how I was going to feel about Hugo. I was pleasantly surprised by it, but what does that mean for its ranking? 

You will have to find out when I post my lists to see where they fall.

Hope you had a great 2011 and I know I am looking forward to the movies in 2012, especially The Dark Knight Rises.

TOP 10
1) I Love You, Philip Morris
2) Scott Pilgrim vs the World
3) The Ghost Writer
4) Despicable Me
5) Get Him to the Greek
6) 127 Hours
7) Toy Story 3
8) Waking Sleeping Beauty
9) Inception
10) Exit Through the Gift Shop

1) MacGruber
2) Yogi Bear
3) Catfish
4) How Do You Know
5) Hot Tub Time Machine
6) Kick Ass
7) Love and Other Drugs
8) Wolfman
9) Youth in Revolt
10) The Tempest

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