December 02, 2011

Arthur Christmas 3D- Westbury Stadium 12

Erica: There is a tradition in my family that the day after Thanksgiving, we go see a movie. We went to see it at a Regal Theater (gasp) on Long Island. We went the Westbury Stadium 12 theater because it is our favorite on Long Island and it isn't near any stores or shopping malls, which is key on Black Friday. I have been going to this theater for years and we like it because it is not near any stores. The seats are nice and the sound is good. All of theaters have lots of seats which pretty much guarantees a good seat. This year we rounded out our week of family films with Arthur Christmas. I am a big fan of Aardman Animation so I was excited to see this. Missing was its classic Aardman Claymation charm, which is displayed most famously by Aardman in Wallace and Gromit. All of that being said, I did enjoy this film. 

Arthur, voiced by James McAvoy, was charming and had us feeling sorry for him as the black sheep of the family. He is the most dedicated employee at the North Pole, but not the next in line to inherit the sleigh. That is Steve, who is voiced by Hugh Laurie, who could care less about Christmas, just cares about productivity.

This is a charming, fun family movie. It is a great movie to take your children to as it covers the joys of the holiday season and is a stress-free 90 minutes. We saw it in 3D, but it is not necessary, so if you want to avoid the additional fee, 2D is fine for this film.

The thing I disliked the most about the movie...the Justin Bieber music video that preceded it. It was a Christmas song that did not play in the movie, just in the credits so that was not necessary and it hurt my eardrums.

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