December 06, 2011

Coriolanus- Lincoln Square 13

Mike: On Saturday morning we headed to the cursed theater - the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13. It's no coincidence that there are 13 theaters! But today was a day without incident! We went here for an afternoon screening of Ralph Fiennes' William Shakespeare's Coriolanus, which is playing one week for Academy Award consideration and will return in January. Fearing a repeat of our The Descendants episode, we decided to go straight to the front and sit in the only place (we were in the Avalon, one of their standard upstairs rooms) where we could stretch our legs, have the freedom to stand up and leave at any time, and not be trapped between old people who have to stand up if you have to leave for some reason. We were close to the screen, but we were okay with that.

First off, Coriolanus is pronounced exactly how you don't want to pronounce it. I'd been saying Coriolahnus and assumed that was right, but it isn't, as you find out in this film. Some consider Coriolanus to be one of Shakespeare's lesser works, and while I'm not sure if I agree with that, it is definitely one of his lesser-known pieces. But in a present day war film setting, it worked really well. I understand that this is somewhat of a passion project for Ralph Fiennes, after playing the part on stage and feeling a strong connection to the material, and he should be commended for updating it in the way he and screenwriter John Logan have done here.

And Fiennes' connection to the character is evident in his performance, too. He's excellent. Gerard Butler isn't in the film as much as you might expect from the marketing, but he gets to showcase his talents, too. Vanessa Redgrave is getting well-deserved Oscar buzz for her performance.

Erica: Can I say I am not a fan of Ralph Fiennes or Gerard Butler so this movie to me was a GREAT place to be. Seeing John Logan's name turn up twice on the big screen in a couple weeks was nice,but I must say this is a big departure from Hugo, which I LOVED. I thought this movie was pretty boring. The only good part of the movie was Vanessa Redgrave who did a great job as Fiennes mother. I met her once and am glad it was before she was in this movie. (Our friend stepped on her foot, it wasn't a good scene).

I am normally fine with Shakespeare movies, its just that this one was really boring and unfortunately had two actors that I do not care for.

Incident free day at the Lincoln Square but it was still freezing. Note to the Lincoln Square: It's December. It does not need to be colder in the theater then it does outside. Especially in this movie which is filled with older people who get cold easily.  

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