December 22, 2011

Immortals 3D- AMC Loews 34th Street 14

Mike: Erica had no interest so one day after work I headed to the 34th Street AMC to catch Immortals in 3D. I really dug Tarsem Singh's The Cell - I think Roger Ebert and I were the only ones. And when he came out with a new movie - The Fall - after about a ten year hiatus recently, I was really disappointed. The Fall has many fans, but I found it to be a jumbled collection of pretty images with a crappy story. Still, I was excited to see him come out with another movie so soon. Unfortunately, it was another disappointment.
Watching Immortals, I felt as if I was watching a 70s BBC mini-series, like I, Claudius or Day of the Triffids. It has an undeniably strong studio feel and sound to it. You can tell that everything is green screen, and you can hear that everything was filmed inside. The sets are impressive, but have no weight to them. Everything looks phony. And the special effects are too obviously special effects.The audience I saw it with was okay, with one major exception. There were maybe twenty seats filled in the +/-200 seat room. I sat in the very back row, at the top of the aisle so I could stretch my legs. Shortly before the movie started, a guy came and sat in the far corner of the theater, just two seats away from me. With all those empty seats, why did he need to sit so close to me? He had a bag of food with him in a noisy cellophane bag. Chinese food... Considering how much extra work it is to clean up after people bringing in big bags of food, I'm baffled that no attempt is made at ticket-tear to stop people from bringing messy food in.

Oh well...

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