December 09, 2011

In Time- AMC Empire 25

Mike: After watching Like Crazy, we went upstairs to Theater 15 to catch the 9:20 showing of In Time. Theater 15 is a medium sized auditorium, but it is by far the grossest, most dilapidated and ghetto theater of the Empire. Or anywhere else. There were three seats covered in garbage bags. Popcorn and trash was all over the place. The carpets and the seats were all faded and grey. Many of the armrests were broken, as were some of the seats. Remember last year when the Empire closed because of bed bugs? I'll bet you a hundred bucks it happened in here!

Here is one of the 'classy' chairs....

Appropriately, the audience pretty much matched the auditorium. We were the first ones in and watched nearly every seat fill up with ghetto trash. At the risk of sounding like a sheltered white guy, I'll say that I wouldn't be surprised if several guys in here had a gun on them. Yup, that's how white and sheltered I am. Okay, maybe they didn't carry guns, but I'll bet another hundred bucks that a startling percentage of people in the room had priors.

The person next to me brought a Little Caesar's pizza box. Where is there a Little Caesar's? He wasn't even eating pizza - he had breadsticks covered in cheese, which he dipped into a plastic cup of marinara sauce. He forgot to bring napkins, so he kept rubbing his hands to try to get all the grease and crumbs off of his hands. He also kept making a really weird (and gross) sound with his mouth throughout the movie, as if he was trying to induce himself to throw up.

There was also a guy sitting in the front with a bunch of bags. I'm sure you know that handicapped accessible seat in many of the Empire auditoriums that's closest by the exit - where all crazy people sit. If you've been to the Empire a few times, you'll know what I'm talking about. For some reason, only crazy-looking people with lots of bags sit in these seats, often showing up or leaving halfway through the film.  Anyway, the guy was crazy, drunk, or both. He kept yelling at the screen, throughout the film. Especially when women appeared on screen. And laughing, very loud. The people in front of him asked him several times to stop, but he kept hollering like a maniac. After the movie ended, instead of leaving the theater, we saw him go upstairs to go to another movie. The guy was disgusting and disrespectful to women, and it's pretty sickening that he was allowed to enter in the first place.

So in short, we were in a disgusting room filled with disgusting, scary people. Our decision to visit the Empire on a Friday night started out okay, but ended up a strong reminder why we should never do this again.

Oh yeah, the movie was pretty cool. We saw In Time. It's clear that Justin Timberlake still has some acting classes left on his roster, but other than that it was a cool high-concept sci-fi flick. And it was even thought-provoking in a Twilight Zone episode kind of way. I dug it.

Erica: Oh man was the theater gross. I kept feeling like my chair was going to just break in the middle of the movie. Mike covered he grossness of the theater so I will talk a bit more about the movie. Timberlake is still a bit green but did a pretty good job in this film. I am pretty sure most people in this theater did not understand half of what is going on in this film as it does require some sort of intelligence to watch and follow. I enjoyed it. I think the concept is really cool and not like anything we have seen in a movie for quite some time. I say definitely check it out....not in this theater though, please. We are begging you. If you do see this in the theater, shake out your clothes and take a shower when you get home.

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