December 09, 2011

Like Crazy-AMC Empire 25

Mike: We went out to the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square on Friday night for a double feature. We were seeing two films that had been out for a while on one of the quieter movie weekends of the year, so we figured it wouldn't be bad. We normally avoid this place like the plague on Friday and Saturday nights, but we needed to catch these two films before they left theaters.

First we checked out Like Crazy, which played at 7:05 in Theater 4 - probably one of the smallest of the 25 rooms. The audience was fine and mostly well-behaved for a Friday night Times Square audience. A few people were chatting from time to time in the back, but it was minor. My biggest problem though was a guy sitting to my right who might be the world's loudest nose-breather. The guy was in his late twenties or early thirties, with a date, and my guess is that he had dinner before the movie and realized that his breath was bad, so for 89 minutes he breathed through his nose. It was really loud. I can't stand it when people breath through their nose loudly - I can't stand loud mouthbreathers either, but however you breath, even if it's through a tube that comes out of the top of your head, you should be able to do it without making much of a noise.

Anyway, that went on throughout the entire movie. Poor girl. Thankfully the movie was short. It wasn't that bad, but nothing to write home about, either. I like Anton Yelchin and applaud him for not doing something about his receding hairline and the bald spot that's starting to come through. It reminded me of Richard Dreyfuss in the 70s. He didn't care that he was going bald and grey, while most other actors get hair plugs.

It's a nice movie to bring a date to, if you're like fourteen to twenty-five years old. I'm sure girls will like it. I wasn't, like, crazy about it, but I thought it was okay. My main problem was that the main character pretty much asked for the situation she was in. She was a British student in the US but overstayed her student visa so she could spend the Summer with her boyfriend, before coming back in the Fall. She knew the risks but her impulsiveness put her in the situation where she couldn't go back to the US to live with him. So I didn't feel too sorry for her. It wasn't like she was screwed by a flawed system - she simply didn't follow the rules.

Erica: I thought the movie was pretty predictable and not that great. I agree that the the girl got what she deserved. She was being greedy and maybe thought she could beat the system, but she couldn't and deserved everything she got. I don't feel sorry for people in situations like hers. If you don't follow the rules and make stupid decisions, you deserve to get screwed over. The acting was fine, but it wasn't amazing. I was distracted by Yelchin's hair as in the beginning his hair seemed normal and then all of a sudden there is a bald spot. While this movie does take place over the course of a few years, it was extremely distracting and took away from the movie. The movie is best viewed on TV or DVD (without a mouth breather sitting next to you)....or on the Lifetime Network where it belongs, so no I was not like, crazy about this film.

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