December 05, 2011

Martha Marcy May Marlene- Nitehawk

Erica: The Nitehawk is another dine-in theater. This one is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. While the seats are not as luxurious as those in the AMC Dine-In Theater, they are comfortable enough. The food is definitely better than the AMC, but the system is a bit outdated, especially for a newly opened theater. You walk into a pitch black theater with menus on the table (you don't get your own table here you share it with the person next to you). The wait staff comes around and has you write your order down on a piece of paper (mini-pencil provided). It is difficult to do this because it is too dark to even read the menu. Once you get your food though, it tastes great. The food is prepared by an actual chef! They even have food specials based on the movies playing in the theater and brunch on the weekends. An example is Martha's Meatloaf for the movie we saw there, Martha Marcy May Marlene. They had rum bread pudding for The Rum DIary, which they sold out of when we were there. At least we know the food is fresh. I definitely plan on being a repeat customer to the Nitehawk, although I do miss the reclining chairs after eating a big meal. For more info about Nitehawk, visit their official site.

On our maiden voyage to Nitehawk we decided to see Martha Marcy May Marlene. I have heard good things about this movie, and its star, Elizabeth Olsen, who fortunately for the viewers, is far more talented than her more famous twin skeletal sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley. The movie was not bad and Olsen gives a great performance as a girl haunted by her past.

Mike:  MMMM is a fascinating look at the inner workings of a modern day small scale cult and the power that one man can have over a group of people. While it's interesting and a great showcase for Elizabeth Olsen, there's a lot left unexplained. The writer and director's choice, sure, but ultimately it leaves the viewer left hanging with an unsatisfied feeling.

That is one part of the movie I did not like. The parts that were left unexplained. I am all for leaving certain things to the viewers' imagination and not having every movie see a happy ending but don't confuse and disorient your audience.

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