December 08, 2011

Puss in Boots 3D - AMC Loews Lincoln Square

Erica: I wasn't thrilled to see this movie. I only saw the first Shrek film which Puss was not in. I didn't think this movie was that good. We saw it at the cursed theater, but we came out relatively unscathed. I think the Shrek franchise is in its 9th life and hopefully this is the end of it. Puss was not that great of a character, maybe he is good in Shrek, but he is not good enough to carry a movie on his own. The comic relief came from Zach Galifianakis as Humpty Dumpty.  You can skip the 3D in this movie as well. A cat whisker looks pretty much the same in 2D as it does in 3D.

 Mike: I thought Puss in Boots was okay. I liked the first Shrek but wasn't crazy about the second. The third and fourth were awful. But Puss in Boots was a pretty cool character, so I was mildly looking forward to this. I was pleasantly surprised, as it turned out to be a slightly-above-run-of-the-mill animated comedy. While Puss in Boots is the character from Shrek, the film is set in what seems to be a completely different universe. It has its own, independent feel, which is good after being exhausted by those four Shrek films.

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