December 29, 2011

The Sitter- AMC 34th Street 14

Erica: We were not in a rush to see this movie, so we waited until we knew the theater would be virtually empty. This was about half full and of course, contained that one person who cackles when they laugh AT EVERYTHING. Being that it was directed by David Gordon Green, who directed the atrociously bad Your Highness, earlier this year, I had very low expectations for this. 

What was this movie? Terrible. Predictable. Unfunny.

I feel bad that Sam Rockwell is associated with this movie in any capacity. The kids are not funny, they are annoying. I wouldn't let Jonah Hill babysit a rock.

Mike: David Gordon Green used to make great dramatic films, but lately has been squandering his time with bad comedies. Pineapple Express was decent, but Your Highness was about as funny as a cancer diagnosis. His second comedy of 2011 is slightly more enjoyable but still a tragedy considering how talented Green is. There's so little to laugh at and ultimately we're left with an unmemorable 81 minute time waste.


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