December 06, 2011

The Three Musketeers- AMC Empire 25

Mike: Erica wouldn't go with me to see this movie. I can't blame her. It sucked. The 90s version with Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland was harmless fun but not very good, but still miles ahead of this new version. I'm not a big fan of Richard Lester's 70s Musketeer films with Michael York, Oliver Reed, Charlton Heston, etc. but I was surprised that all three versions I've seen now are all kind of silly. Did the book have that much comedy in it?

I wanted to see it in 3D because it was filmed that way, but the 3D version by this time had already left theaters so I had to settle for the regular 2D version. Which was fine because the movie was so bad that I'm glad I only wasted six bucks.

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