December 24, 2011

Young Adult-AMC Lincoln Square 13

Erica: Ah my favorite cursed theater. Two incident free screenings in two days here, things are starting to look up for me. With our recent experiences here, we went right for the front row as this movie has a 94 minute run time. The theater was pretty crowded, but well behaved. It contained mostly twenty and thirty somethings that knew how to behave (take note 34th Street...)

I am not a fan of Diablo Cody, since Juno but only because I have a huge dislike for that movie. This one seemed much more promising though. Charlize Theron plays troubled very well. Patrick Wilson is fine in the movie but nothing to write home about. The most surprising performance in this film is from Patton Oswalt. He gave the most honest performance and he was the one you felt sorry for. Theron went to her hometown to win back her old high school boyfriend who just had a baby. This is the perfect set up for learning a lesson. I thought this movie was good, but not great. They could have done more and parts of it seemed unbelievable, even in the movies.

Mike: Young Adult is a decent timewaster and it's unfortunate that it has been released smack in the middle of award season. Jason Reitman's last few films got lots of awards so it was assumed that his next would fall into similar acclaim. Young Adult is a nice character piece - even though Charlize Theron's character does despicable things, she's surprisingly likeable. My main problem with the film is that writer Diablo Cody puts way too much of herself into it. There's nothing subtle about it. We get it, she likes Sweet Valley High, so the main character is a Sweet Valley High-like young adult book series ghostwriter. And the film constantly calls back to the nineties, the time in which the characters were in high school and college. It's shameless nostalgia and I thought it went a little overboard in my opinion. All that said, Cody has a knack for creating interesting dialogue, and I found some of the back-and-forths between Theron and Oswalt to be priceless.  

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