January 09, 2012

The Iron Lady- AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

Erica: On Friday, December 30th,  we went to the Lincoln Square 13 to check out the new Meryl Streep film, The Iron Lady. Soon I have to stop calling this the cursed theater because I have had a few showings in a row with nothing bad happening. This movie was playing in the Loews theater. That is our favorite one there because it has a balcony. You cannot beat sitting in the balcony in this theater. I got there fairly early so I grabbed a couple of seats and settled in.

I enjoy history, but was not super thrilled about seeing this one. I went because it was garnering award buzz for Streep. The movie was fine. It wasn't good but the second half seemed to drag on a bit. I do not think this film nor Streep is Oscarworthy but we need to wait another few weeks to find out if the academy agrees. 

Mike: The problem with Iron Lady is its second half. I liked the approach it takes - starting with an old Margaret Thatcher, suffering from Alzheimer's and flashing back to the past. Meryl Streep is excellent, especially playing present-day Thatcher, even under all that make-up. And seeing her rise to power is interesting. But once she becomes prime minister and the film focuses in large part on the Falklands War, it gets a lot less interesting. So while I liked the first half quite a bit, ultimately I was disappointed.

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