January 27, 2012

My Week with Marilyn- AMC Empire 25

Erica:We saw this movie at the AMC Empire 25, on what was a quiet movie day. That is until this idiot entered the theater. Him and his wife were confused from the start. I don't think they realized they were in a movie theater, with other people, and thought they were just sitting at home watching a movie on their giant television. This movie has a runtime of about an hour and a half. The idiot sitting two seats down from us decided to put his ringtone on the loudest possible volume so if it was to go off during the movie, he would hear it. Well guess what? About an hour in, the phone rang and he wasn't the only one that heard it, the whole theater did. He acted embarrassed, took out his phone, hit end, then proceeded to talk to his wife about and text and send e-mails for the remainder of the film. Then, the movie ended so I assumed I had seen and heard the end of him and his smartphone but then he shines the world's brightest flashlight right into my eyes and for about half an hour after that, I saw a light in front of my eyes. I really wanted to say something, but he took his time coming out of the theater so I didn't see him.

The movie was pretty good. Michelle Williams is fine as Marilyn, but her performance is nothing to write home about. Kenneth Branagh is superb as Sir Laurence Olivier. I think Branagh rightfully deserved the Oscar nomination he received more than Williams does but the academy works in mysterious ways sometimes. The story is based on a written recollection of Colin Clark, who worked as an employee of Olivier's on a production and was drawn to Marilyn, who at the time was married to Arthur Miller. Redmayne was annoying and this movie will appeal to those who are fans of Monroe and want to get a fabricated behind the scenes look at her world.

Mike: I have nothing against him, but I couldn't stand Eddie Redmayne in any of the movies I've seen him so far. Yet he was completely bearable here, front and center. Marilyn Monroe is really a supporting character. My Week with Marilyn is a sweet little film, even if I found the actual story a bit too trivial - he gets to work on a movie set, spends a little bit of time with Marilyn Monroe over a few days while she has a routine meltdown, and that's it. It provides a very interesting insight into Monroe's on-set behavior, and the excessive shepherding she received from her acting coaches and handlers. But Marilyn Monroe is such a complex, complicated person that it's impossible to get much about her out of a movie in which she's a supporting character. Ultimately, the film is a harmless way to spend an hour and a half and Kenneth Branagh and Michelle Williams give fine performances, making it well worth watching.

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