February 09, 2012

Best Original Song not good enough for 4 hour broadcast??

Erica: So not only did this year's Oscar nominations only bring 2...yes 2 Best Original Song nominees, but now they won't even be performed on the show. Of the usually 4 hour broadcast, this is what they decide will tip it over the edge? Usually I would not mind but they did give The Muppets a nomination (even though it was, in my opinion, for the wrong song but that's besides the point). Am I the only one who wants to see Jason Segel and his Muppet on stage singing? I guess so...

Look, I know the stupid Rio song will probably win anyway and that Life's a Happy Song from The Muppets should have been nominated instead because it would have had a better shot at winning, but not performing 2 measly songs is ridiculous. The best original song qualifications are ridiculous enough. There is a petition that Perez Hilton started to get the song performed so this is not just my opinion.

I am sure it will not make a difference...but do we need to see 24 awards be handed out? That's 24 acceptance speeches! I would rather see 2 musical performances than the acceptance speech for best sound mixing.

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