February 24, 2012

Chronicle - AMC Empire 25

Erica: I went into this movie excited and left disappointed. As I tweeted while I was at the movie, there was an irritating guy behind us but luckily he shut up during the movie. He had a lot of opinions about the previews though and asked everyone in his group's opinion on each preview. WE DON'T CARE NOW SHUT UP!! Anyway...back to the movie itself...it wasn't very good...at all. The ending was even worse than the beginning and it was just way too out there for me. (To me, Toy Story is a more believable movie than this was). This is one case where I would have welcomed the guy behind me to talk during the movie, it may have added some entertainment value to it. 

Mike: I liked it more than you, but ultimately also left the theater disappointed. Chronicle has a good set-up. It's very enjoyable watching these high school kids get special powers and see them begin to use it. But it really falls apart in the last half hour.

I really don't know what your problem was with the guy sitting behind us. I think people should be allowed to be as loud and obnoxious as they want to be, so long as they stop before the movie starts. And he did.  

Erica: I think in this case, I would have welcomed his annoying banter.

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