February 22, 2012

The Grey - AMC Empire 25

Mike: Erica was out of town and had no interest, so I trekked to the AMC Empire 25 by myself one weekend morning to view this year's Winter Liam Neeson bad-ass release The Grey (apparently the third in a trilogy following Taken and Unknown). I'm a big fan of wintry plane crash survival stories like Alive and that episode of Happy Days where Fonzie and Roger crash their plane in the snow. And The Grey is basically Alive, except they're not out long enough to have to resort to cannibalism, and they're under constant attack by wolves.

The Grey is fun and exciting, and has an interesting group of characters led by Liam Neeson to maintain interest in between wolf attack scenes. It's an old-fashioned adventure/survival film, and damn good at that despite its predictability and some silliness at times.

One thing I wondered about, though - if I were in the cold like that, my nose would constantly be running and I'd constantly be wiping my nose on my freezing cold sleeves. It would be totally red and constantly runny, and I'd be sniffling non-stop. But not one red nose and not a single drop of snot is seen in The Grey.

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