February 21, 2012

Undefeated - AMC Lincoln Square 13

Erica: With the Oscars right around the corner, we needed to fit in anything else we possibly could so we caught an 11:15 showing of Undefeated, one of the Oscar nominated documentaries this year. We were doomed to the basement of the Lincoln Square, the exact same theater where my incident occurred where I fell down the escalator. Luckily, nothing happened this time. The bottom line about this movie: it's a documentary that we have seen before. It is about a high school football team in East Memphis down on their luck and they have a chance to make it to the playoffs. It is a story we have heard a lot before. The documentary was fine. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't horrible. I have seen a lot of documentaries and I enjoyed this one, but this isn't a 'run, don't walk' to see this. Sean 'Diddy' Combs is one of the executive producers and has been promoting this documentary on endless talk shows in the past couple weeks. I don't think it has a chance to win Best Doc but it isn't the worst documentary I have ever seen.

Mike: Even though I have little interest in football, I found Undefeated to be a very informative, inspiring documentary. True, it's a typical underdog story, but isn't everything? While it went a little longer than I thought necessary - a group of teenagers sitting in our row got a bit bored at times - it's a positive story about struggling high school students who need more things to feel positive about in their lives. While I'm not exactly the target audience, I hope the film gets seen by high school students who could use the inspirational message and anyone else who it might convince to reach out in their community. (I am neither of those)

I agree that it did drag on longer than needed...

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