February 23, 2012

Wanderlust - Walter Reade Theater

Mike: Last night we caught a special screening of Wanderlust at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, as part of the Film Comment Selects series running through March 1st. I enjoy most Paul Rudd comedies and I liked David Wain's previous films and The State. Despite my dislike of Jennifer Aniston, this was a film I was really looking forward to.

We love the Walter Reade and have been here many, many times. It's the best place to see a classic film in New York City and they have lots of special screenings. Seats are good, too. I've never had an issue here with annoying people in the crowd, though I heard of an incident that happened here last week during a rare 35mm projection of Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii. A girl kept turning on her iPad. Each time, someone asked her to turn it off, until ultimately one brave soul simply grabbed it from her and turned it off. How someone could possibly think it's okay to turn an iPad on while a movie is playing is beyond me.

Anyway, Wanderlust was hilarious. I had a lot of fun. Paul Rudd plays the same character he always plays. Jennifer Aniston was bearable. Ken Marino was hilarious. I could have done with a bit less of Justin Theroux's character, but he was fine. And Alan Alda has a few funny moments, although I found him to be mostly wasted. But all that said, Wanderlust is a great way to spend 99 minutes. Fans of The State and Wain's previous films especially won't be disappointed. I highly recommend it.

Erica: I enjoy Paul Rudd so this movie was a must see for me. Add on top of that a preview screening with Paul Rudd, Ken Marino (yay!), David Wain, Kerri Kinney-Silver, and Alan Alda in attendance? Awesomeness ensues! I greatly enjoyed this movie. If you enjoyed David Wain's other films, Wet Hot American Summer and Role Models, I highly recommend this movie. It was funny and charming without being overly charming and I found myself laughing out loud all the way through. While I, like Mike, normally find Aniston annoying, she worked well in this movie. I was trying to pick out a favorite moment from this movie and I just can't. I think everybody gave great performances and it shows that you don't have to be super raunchy to be funny. After the movie, the director and actors did a q and a and were nice enough to stick around for photos and autographs afterwards. I must say the two people I was after, Paul Rudd and Ken Marino (they produced and starred in, respectively, one of my favorite shows, Party Down) were more than kind and willing to stick around for their fans. If you are in the mood for just a downright funny, over the top movie, go out and see Wanderlust, when it opens this Friday. Highly enjoyable and you will laugh, guaranteed.

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