February 09, 2012

War Horse- AMC Empire 25

Erica: War Horse was getting Oscar buzz and that is the only reason I went to see this movie. If it did not receive award talk, I would not have been seen near that theater. That being said, it was better than I thought it was going to be, which isn't saying much because I had extremely low expectations about this movie. A horse being drafted into the war does not thrill me as a concept. I did not see the play and I learned the hard way this awards season that everyone will see anything Steven Spielberg's name is attached to. 

This movie was ok, but very boring at times as well. It was very hard for me to buy the concept of the entire movie so I may be coming at it from a completely different perspective than someone that may not be as critical as I am. 

Mike: We checked this film out at the AMC Empire 25 in Times Square. It was an early morning screening, and when we got to the theater there was a long line of people waiting to buy tickets and only two people behind the registers. And because the kiosks weren't working, we had no choice but to stand in the line. It was moving at a snail's pace because the credit card and gift card systems were down, although by the time we bought our tickets, we were able to use gift cards. People - Erica included - were panicking, thinking they'd miss the beginning of their movies. Rest assured, we had plenty of time to make our ways up the 25 sets of escalators to the top floor of the Empire and sit through annoying Kia commercials and trailers that we've already seen a dozen times each. I guess Erica was afraid she'd miss the dancing Kia hamsters.

If you gave someone a hundred million dollars and asked them to make a Steven Spielberg movie, you would end up with Super 8. Or War Horse. War Horse is so over-the-top Spielbergian with its music, beautiful cinematography, humor, schmaltz, etc., that it feels like you're watching an imitation. It's a 2 1/2 hour masterclass on a director unable to grow and mature. That doesn't mean it's not bad - it's heartwarming and pretty and it's a neat story that's tough not to like despite its many flaws. But it's third tier Spielberg.

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