March 12, 2012

Friends with Kids - AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

Erica: I am a huge fan of Adam Scott so going to see him in a starring role on the big screen was a definite. Seeing him do a Q and A afterwards. ABSOLUTELY!! This movie had a great deal of the cast from Bridesmaids (Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Maya Rudolph, and Chris O'Dowd) If you are expecting Bridesmaids type raunch, you will be disappointed. I was in because of Scott and O'Dowd, but was expecting more comedy. I would describe this movie as a dramedy more than a rom com. That being said, it was a good way to spend an evening at the movies. Adam Scott was funny but more charming and while it had its moments of laughter and over the top silliness, it was a great story about what actually happens to couples once kids are involved. I recommend this movie if you want a movie with comedy and heart.

Mike: I generally don't care for romantic comedies, or romantic films in general, but Friends with Kids didn't really fit in that mold. It's a genuinely enjoyable film, mostly thanks to a great cast. It's an interesting concept and it weaves in a lot of insights on relationships and how they're affected by children. But there were a number of instances where I feared that the film, while original and different from standard romantic comedies, would fall into the same old tired and predictable romantic comedy routines. And ultimately it did, which is a shame. Nonetheless, Friends with Kids brings enough to table with its funny, earnest performances and honest views on modern relationships to make it a worthwhile way to spend 100 minutes. Not a good movie for a first date, or if you haven't been dating very long, but a great movie to see on a date with your wife, fiance or longtime partner.

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