March 21, 2012

Jeff, Who Lives at Home- AMC Roosevelt Raceway 10

Erica: To me, seeing this movie opening weekend was a no-brainer as I LOVE Jason Segel and will watch him read the phone book as I know it will be funny. Also, I enjoyed the Duplass' brothers last film, Cyrus. We were at my mom's house for the weekend so we saw this movie on Long Island, this isn't my favorite theater but it was fine cause it was empty, the people are well-behaved and I was able to freely take pictures of movie posters. This is a bit of a departure for both Segel and Helms, as it is a bit more serious. Of course, it has its funny moments but overall it is more serious roles for both of the leads. I can relate a lot to Jeff (not the living in his mother's basement thing, the fate and destiny and looking for signs thing). I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it to everyone. A highlight is Segel's character Jeff sitting in his brother Pat's Porsche (it was just funny to me to see a 6 foot 4 inch man sitting in a Porsche). All of the performances in this movie were great and the writing was very good as well. I may be biased due to Jason Segel being in the movie so maybe Mike can shine a less biased light on this movie...

Mike: I thought Jeff, Who Lives at Home was very funny and very touching, and another really good film from the Duplass brothers. At 83 minutes it breezes by. At first I was a bit distracted by the subplot involving Susan Sarandon and how disconnected it was from the main Ed Helms/Jason Segel part of the storyline, but as the beginning of the film suggests, everything is connected.

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