March 20, 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island - UA Court Street 12

Mike: I really just wanted to see the Daffy Duck cartoon at the beginning, so we took advantage of a Fandango offer and saw this in 3D for $5 at the theater a few blocks down the street. We usually avoid this place like the plague but figured that this movie would be almost completely empty at 5:30 p.m. for a movie that's been out for several weeks. There were two other people in the auditorium. As is custom at the UA Court Street 12 in Brooklyn, people wander in and out of the room throughout the film. I guess they just hang out at the movie theater and move from screen to screen, catching bits and pieces of all kinds of films. There weren't too many today. Usually, if they're not alone they come in and talk, but today they were pretty quiet. Overall it was a fairly pleasant filmgoing experience. The one problem we noticed was that one of the speakers was blown, so the sound sucked. It wasn't terrible - we were still able to enjoy the movie. But it was something we noticed for the entire runtime, and it was annoying. I really wish theaters stayed on top of this type of stuff. We only paid $5 so I had no reason to complain, but if I had paid the regular price of $17 I would have been pissed. Everything else was fine - it was nice digital projection, and it was cool to finally see that Regal rollercoaster opening bit in 3D.
As for the movie, I enjoyed the first Journey but found it a bit too corny. This one is slightly better - The Rock is cooler than Brendan Fraser - but still awfully corny. But it was also a nice, wholesome family film, and I appreciate that there are films like this that a family can see together and everyone can enjoy. Also, Daffy's Rhapsody was awesome.
Erica: I am very glad that this movie theater was empty because I was super embarrassed to have seen this movie. For 5 bucks, I can't really complain, but the movie was pretty bad and I didn't need to see The Rock doing his peck dance in 3D (or 2D for that matter). Also, Michael Caine deserves better than this.

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