March 19, 2012

W/E - AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

Mike: I'm playing catch-up with a movie I saw in early February. W.E. was nominated for an Oscar, and since it didn't play in New York until February, it was one of the few that I hadn't seen yet. Erica had zero interest, so I caught an early screening on a Sunday morning. It's obvious why I've put off writing anything. The visit was absolutely uneventful. We've had our share of horror stories at the AMC Lincoln Square, but nothing was of note today. And, while Madonna proves to be a capable filmmaker, I found W.E. to be the ultimate meh film. Switching between two time periods - the 30s and about 10 years - I thought the period parts were somewhat interesting. You get to see the flipside of The King's Speech - the story from the viewpoint of the American floozie blamed for King Edward's abdication. Something I appreciated, even if it was boring at times. But I really didn't care about the present-day storyline (or, about a decade ago) about an auction house worker in an abusive relationship. The connection was silly and trivial and the entire storyline surrounding the auction was corny and uninteresting. But just for the parts of the film involving Wallis Simpson and King Edward, it was worth watching.

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