April 18, 2012

Casa de Mi Padre - AMC Empire 25

Mike: All I can really say is that it's silly. The whole movie is a single, stretched out gag that goes on for 84 minutes. Normally that's something I wouldn't like, but here everyone is in on it nobody makes a secret of it. The crew behind Casa de Mi Padre had an off-kilter idea and executed it on a low budget, partly as a gag and perhaps as an experiment. With not much at risk, I appreciated the freedom they had, and it shows on the screen. There's no concern of making every demographic laugh. Perhaps the main goal was just to make themselves laugh.
Not everything in the film is funny, but there was enough silliness to make me laugh, and with such a short running time, it's a risk worth taking for those with the right mindset.

Erica: I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell. He is fine in small doses, when Mike said the movie was 'silly', that was an understatement. Parts of it made me laugh, but for the most part, it fell flat...although if you ask the lady next to me, everything was HILARIOUS. Everybody in the theater was laughing really loud. It is not slapstick comedy, but if you want to kill 84 minutes with just pure goofiness, check out Casa de Mi Padre.

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