April 12, 2012

Goon - VOD

Mike: I'd like say that Jay Baruchel should stick to acting, but do we really want that? His paint-by-numbers goofy foul-mouthed best friend character is about as annoying as you can imagine. A type of role usually reserved for someone like Seann William Scott. But here Seann William Scott plays against-type, giving a contained, reserved performance. I used to think that Scott could only play one type of character, but watching Goon I found myself wishing for the same-old Scott we've become so used to seeing, in everything he's ever appeared aside from this movie. I don't get all the Goon love that's been going around. It's a weak effort, something that tries awfully hard but completely misses the target.

Erica: As much as I like to disagree (it makes things more interesting...) I couldn't agree with Mike more. We watched this at home on demand, which was good because I would have been even more disappointed that I had a ticket stub that said Goon on it. Scott is better playing goofy and Baruchel should just be an occasional actor, if that is all possible. Don't get me wrong, Undeclared was an awesome show, but outside of that, he just isn't a good actor. I have not yet seen him in a good movie. This was a weak effort by both Scott and Baruchel.

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